The Twilight Citadel, north

The Twilight Citadel[37, 75]
is the fortress of the Twilight's Hammer, located southeast of Grim Batol, southwest of Victor's Point, and due west of Crushblow in the the Twilight Highlands. At the summit of its spire is the entrance to the Bastion of Twilight.

Both the Alliance and Horde are interested in a weapon rumored to be possessed by Cho'gall and have sent an agent each into the Citadel area to investigate. The Twilight's Hammer has also captured and killed a number of red dragons, imprisoning one now familiar to players, Lirastrasza.

Within the Citadel grounds lies the Altar of Ascension, presumably where cult leaders such as Master Klem, Mia the Rose, and Dame Alys Finnsson proceed in order to become elemental ascendants. Bordering the north of the grounds is Loch Verrall, with the Elementium Depths, Cannon's Inferno, and the Altar of Twilight lying along the southern areas.




The Twilight Skyterrors fly above the area, untargetable until the Coup de Grace quest; even then, players are only required to kill them once they fall to the ground.

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