Twilight Camp [50.8, 23.8]
is a new subzone in Loch Modan that was added with the Icon Cataclysm 18x18Cataclysm. It is located on a hill that, prior to events in the Cataclysm, was the largest island of the lake and inhabited by troggs, who had built a camp on it. Now it serves as an outpost for the Twilight's Hammer clan in Loch Modan. The sky here is dark and covered with threatening clouds that occasionally emit lightning as a thunderstorm rages above, while the ground is scorched and filled with elementium spikes and characteristic Twilight Hammer architecture found in the nearby Twilight Highlands and elsewhere around the world.

The camp is guarded by fanatic human Twilight Encroachers of both genders, who zealously defend the camp against intruders to the death.

In the middle of the camp stands a mysterious landshaping device that could devastate Loch Modan's environment, spreading the evil taint even further.


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