Inv shirt guildtabard 01 Neutral 15 Twenty-Five Tabards 10 Money achievement
Equip 25 unique tabards.
Reward: [Tabard of the Achiever]

Awarded to players who have equipped a total of 25 distinct tabards. They need not have all 25 in inventory or bank; merely having at some time equipped a tabard is sufficient for that tabard to count towards the goal.


  1. Money achievement Represent
  2. Money achievement Ten Tabards
  3. Money achievement Twenty-Five Tabards

Notice of achievement

Tabard of the Achiever

Tabard of the Achiever

Shortly after the achievement is earned, the character gets the following mail from Windle Sparkshine

Quite the Achiever

I couldn't help but to notice what a fine collection of Tabards you've managed to collect over the seasons. You might as well add this one to your collection. It's simply been colelcting dust in my wardrobe.

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