The Half Shell

A turtle boat.

That reminds me of another example: the turtle boat. If you look at Northrend, the continent is shaped a little bit like a crescent, with the two starting zones, Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra, at the ends. There’s a port located in the middle of the coast between these zones, and we wanted to have an easy method for traveling between the zones. The method of transportation that we settled on is a giant turtle with a deck mounted on top of its shell, very much like the turtles from Warcraft II. It’s simple, effective, grounded in Warcraft lore, but it’s also one of those light moments that are so important to create the iconic Warcraft feel.[1]

It has been confirmed in the Wrath-Logo-Small beta that giant turtles serve as neutral boats between the Tuskarr ports of Unu'pe (Borean Tundra; west side of Northrend), Moa'ki Harbor (Dragonblight; central Northrend), and Kamagua (Howling Fjord; east side Northrend).

Turtle routesEdit

The Half Shell is a turtle boat moored at Moa'ki Harbor; its discovery provides XP, but it otherwise does not provide interaction.

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