Turok was the leader of a rogue band of Ogres who were denied entrance into the Horde by Blackhand the Destroyer. Blackhand's own daughter, Griselda (an Orc), saw folly in his decision to reject them, and she fled, taking refuge with Turok's band of ogres beneath the Deadmines.

Blackhand was enraged by her betrayal and sent a group into the Deadmines to track them down. On Blackhand's command, the Ogres were wiped out and Griselda was killed. It is highly probable that Turok was also killed.

Speculation Edit

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It was initially speculated that Rexxar was born of Turok and Griselda's union, though this was based more on the fact that this is the only orc/ogre coupling in lore than on any actual evidence. This has since been proven false with the revelation that Rexxar's father is Leoroxx.

Though not directly identified in Warcraft I, he was probably the ogre standing next to Griselda.

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