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Trueshot Lodge[34.8, 53.6]
is located in the far west of Highmountain, close to the border of Val'sharah and north of Riverbend. It is the Order Hall for hunters, consisting of dark rangers, Farstriders, rangers, and a host of sentries and scouts, all unified in an effort to halt the Burning Legion advance into Azeroth. The flight master here has a unique set of flightpaths only for hunters.

Most hunters in the region are members of the Unseen Path.

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Hunters gain access to this area while pursuing their artifact weapon. After, they can return at will via a flying, giant eagle that will pick them up from wherever they are.

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The main area of interest is the hall located in the central part of the area. This is where the portal to Dalaran is located - on the second floor - and where hunters can imbue their artifact weapon and consult their command map for Hall-centric missions and objectives.

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