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{{loot|epic|Bracers of the Untold Massacre}}<br />
{{loot|epic|Bracers of the Untold Massacre}}<br />
{{loot|epic|Legguards of the Concealed Hatred}}<br />
{{loot|epic|Legguards of Concealed Hatred}}<br />
{{loot|epic|Boots of Tremoring Earth}}<br />
{{loot|epic|Boots of Tremoring Earth}}<br />
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{{loot|epic|Ring of Callous Aggression}}<br />
{{loot|epic|Ring of Callous Aggression}}<br />
{{loot|epic|Satrina's Impending Scarab}}<br />
{{loot|epic|Satrina's Impeding Scarab}}<br />
{{loot|epic|Trophy of the Crusade}}<br />
{{loot|epic|Trophy of the Crusade}}<br />
{{loot|rare|Crusader Orb}}<br />
{{loot|rare|Crusader Orb}}<br />

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Raid Dungeonse

This article outlines loot dropped in the raid instance Trial of the Crusader.

Alliance loot

10 player normal

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Northrend Beasts

[Icehowl Cinch]

[Acidmaw Boots]
[Shoulderpads of the Glacial Wilds]

[Armbands of the Northern Stalker]
[Shoulderguards of the Spirit Walker]

[Gauntlets of Rising Anger]
[Girdle of the Impaler]
[Belt of the Frozen Reach]
[Dreadscale Armguards]

[Rod of Imprisoned Souls]
[Carnivorous Band]
[Collar of Ceaseless Torment]

Lord Jaraxxus

[Dirk of the Night Watch]

[Felspark Bindings]
[Leggings of the Demonic Messenger]

[Belt of the Winter Solstice]

[Sentinel Scouting Greaves]
[Boots of Tortured Space]
[Girdle of the Farseer]

[Armguards of the Nether Lord]
[Girdle of the Nether Champion]

[Planestalker Signet]
[Firestorm Ring]
[Amulet of Binding Elements]
[Endurance of the Infernal]

Faction Champions

[Blade of the Silver Disciple]

[Sandals of the Silver Magus]

[Gloves of the Silver Assassin]

[Helm of the Silver Ranger]

[Faceplate of the Silver Champion]
[Pauldrons of the Silver Defender]

[Binding Light]
[Victor's Call]
[Talisman of Volatile Power]
[Fervor of the Frostborn]

Twin Val'kyr

[Icefall Blade]
[The Diplomat]

[Looming Shadow Wraps]
[Sandals of the Grieving Soul]

[Armor of Shifting Shadows]
[Helm of the Snowy Grotto]

[Gloves of the Azure Prophet]

[Greaves of the Lingering Vortex]

[Loop of the Twin Val'kyr]
[Chalice of Benedictus]


[The Lion's Maw]
[Baelgun's Heavy Crossbow]
[The Grinder]
[Argent Resolve]
[Fordragon Blades]
[Cold Convergence]
[Westfall Saber]
[Crusader's Glory]
[Vigilant Ward]
[Bulwark of the Royal Guard]

[Vestments of the Sleepless]
[Cinch of the Undying]

[Spaulders of the Snow Bandit]

[Pauldrons of the Timeless Hunter]
[Helmet of the Crypt Lord]

[Legplates of the Silver Hand]
[Legplates of the Immortal Spider]
[Chestguard of the Warden]

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other

10 player heroic

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Northrend Beasts

[Icehowl Cinch (heroic)]

[Acidmaw Boots (heroic)]
[Shoulderpads of the Glacial Wilds (heroic)]

[Armbands of the Northern Stalker (heroic)]
[Shoulderguards of the Spirit Walker (heroic)]

[Gauntlets of Rising Anger (heroic)]
[Girdle of the Impaler (heroic)]
[Belt of the Frozen Reach (heroic)]
[Dreadscale Armguards (heroic)]

[Rod of Imprisoned Souls (heroic)]
[Carnivorous Band (heroic)]
[Collar of Ceaseless Torment (heroic)]

Lord Jaraxxus

[Dirk of the Night Watch (heroic)]

[Felspark Bindings (heroic)]
[Leggings of the Demonic Messenger (heroic)]

[Belt of the Winter Solstice (heroic)]

[Sentinel Scouting Greaves (heroic)]
[Boots of Tortured Space (heroic)]
[Girdle of the Farseer (heroic)]

[Armguards of the Nether Lord (heroic)]
[Girdle of the Nether Champion (heroic)]

[Planestalker Signet (heroic)]
[Firestorm Ring (heroic)]
[Amulet of Binding Elements (heroic)]
[Endurance of the Infernal (heroic)]

Faction Champions

[Blade of the Silver Disciple (heroic)]

[Sandals of the Silver Magus (heroic)]

[Gloves of the Silver Assassin (heroic)]

[Helm of the Silver Ranger (heroic)]

[Faceplate of the Silver Champion (heroic)]
[Pauldrons of the Silver Defender (heroic)]

[Binding Light (heroic)]
[Victor's Call (heroic)]
[Talisman of Volatile Power (heroic)]
[Fervor of the Frostborn (heroic)]

Twin Val'kyr

[Icefall Blade (heroic)]
[Reckoning (heroic)]
[The Diplomat (heroic)]
[Enlightenment (heroic)]

[Looming Shadow Wraps (heroic)]
[Sandals of the Grieving Soul (heroic)]

[Armor of Shifting Shadows (heroic)]
[Helm of the Snowy Grotto (heroic)]

[Gloves of the Azure Prophet (heroic)]

[Greaves of the Lingering Vortex (heroic)]

[Loop of the Twin Val'kyr (heroic)]
[Chalice of Benedictus (heroic)]


[The Lion's Maw (heroic)]
[Baelgun's Heavy Crossbow (heroic)]
[The Grinder (heroic)]
[Argent Resolve (heroic)]
[Fordragon Blades (heroic)]
[Cold Convergence (heroic)]
[Westfall Saber (heroic)]
[Crusader's Glory (heroic)]
[Vigilant Ward (heroic)]
[Bulwark of the Royal Guard (heroic)]

[Vestments of the Sleepless (heroic)]
[Cinch of the Undying (heroic)]

[Spaulders of the Snow Bandit (heroic)]

[Pauldrons of the Timeless Hunter (heroic)]
[Helmet of the Crypt Lord (heroic)]

[Legplates of the Silver Hand (heroic)]
[Legplates of the Immortal Spider (heroic)]
[Chestguard of the Warden (heroic)]

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other

25 player normal

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Northrend Beasts

[Steel Bladebreaker]
[Blade of Tarasque]
[Crystal Plated Vanguard]

[Flowing Vestments of Ascent]
[Cord of the Tenebrous Mist]

[Leggings of the Broken Beast]
[Boots of the Unrelenting Storm]

[Breastplate of Cruel Intent]
[Belt of the Ice Burrower]

[Boneshatter Armplates]
[Boots of the Courageous]
[Chestplate of the Towering Monstrosity]

[Drape of the Untamed Predator]
[Shawl of the Refreshing Winds]

[Band of the Violent Temperment]
[Trophy of the Crusade]
[Crusader Orb]

Lord Jaraxxus

[Lionhead Slasher]

[Leggings of the Soothing Touch]

[Cuirass of Calamitous Fate]
[Bracers of the Autumn Willow]

[Bracers of Cloudy Omen]

[Bloodbath Belt]
[Legplates of Failing Light]
[Dawnbreaker Greaves]
[Legguards of Feverish Dedication]

[Pride of the Eredar]
[Shawl of the Refreshing Winds]

[Symbol of Transgression]
[Ring of the Darkmender]
[Charge of the Demon Lord]
[Solace of the Defeated]
[Trophy of the Crusade]
[Crusader Orb]

Faction Champions

[Bastion of Purity]

[Cord of Biting Cold]
[Boots of the Mourning Widow]

[Treads of the Icewalker]
[Vestments of the Shattered Fellowship]

[Bracers of the Untold Massacre]
[Legguards of Concealed Hatred]
[Boots of Tremoring Earth]

[Chestplate of the Frostborn Hero]
[Vambraces of the Broken Bond]
[Girdle of Bloodied Scars]

[Cloak of Displacement]

[Ring of Callous Aggression]
[Satrina's Impeding Scarab]
[Trophy of the Crusade]
[Crusader Orb]

Twin Val'kyr

[Twin Spike]
[Lupine Longstaff]

[Bindings of Dark Essence]

[Belt of the Merciless Killer]
[Cord of Pale Thorns]

[Sabatons of Ruthless Judgment]

[Bracers of the Shieldmaiden]
[Legguards of Ascension]
[Breastplate of the Frozen Lake]

[Death's Verdict]
[The Arbiter's Muse]
[The Executioner's Malice]
[Wail of the Val'kyr]
[Chalice of Searing Light]
[Trophy of the Crusade]
[Crusader Orb]


[Stormpike Cleaver]
[Misery's End]
[Archon Glaive]

[Footpads of the Icy Floe]
[Leggings of the Deepening Void]
[Gloves of the Lifeless Touch]
[Armbands of the Ashen Saint]

[Bracers of Dark Determination]
[Legwraps of the Awakening]

[Legguards of the Lurking Threat]
[Belt of Deathly Dominion]
[Chestguard of Flowing Elements]

[Greaves of the 7th Legion]
[Gloves of Bitter Reprisal]
[Belt of the Forgotten Matyr]

[Strength of the Nerub]
[Maiden's Favor]

[Band of Deplorable Violence]
[Signet of the Traitor King]
[Reign of the Unliving]
[Trophy of the Crusade]
[Crusader Orb]

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other

25 player heroic

Horde loot

10 player normal

10 player heroic

25 player normal

25 player heroic

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