Trenton Lighthammer is a level 55 quest giver located in Gadgetzan in the contested territory of Tanaris. He is a new member of the blacksmithing group called the Mithril Order. He recently finished training with Galvan the Ancient, and can now be found pounding away at an anvil near the southern gates of Gadgetzan.

Players who are learning to be an Armorsmith are sent by Galvan to Trenton for more training. Galvan only teaches you three of the six Ornate Mithril plans. You learn the other three from Trenton.

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Sul'thraze the Lasher... The first time I heard the word uttered I was around your age. It meant nothing to me then, as it means nothing to you now. It was not until a warband of trolls coming from Zul'Farrak laid waste to the land I understood... and feared.
Many will tell you that the Splitblade does not exist. That it's a myth; a rumor started to scare children 'straight.' But believe me <race> it exists.
<Trenton loses focus as he runs his hands across the jagged scar on his face.>

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He starts the following quests:

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