NOTE: Attempting this may be considered an exploit by Blizzard and could get you banned from the game.

There are certain items in the game which you CAN transmog onto Bind to Account items and mail to alts that will KEEP the transmogrification. All other items will lose their transmogrification when mailed.

Exempt items Edit

There are only a few known at this point, but they are listed below:

Details Edit

So to transmogrify your BtAs there's a few things that need to happen.

  1. The item must have been obtained as a quest reward (and therefore has no level requirement). Upon mailing, the system will check to see if the receiver has the required level to wear the transmogrified piece.
  2. The armor cannot shift types when equipped (no plate → mail, mail → leather).
    The best thing that you can successfully transmog are weapons, cloth armor, and the rogue/druid leather armor that doesn't shift (because it doesn't change it's type). You could also send the other armor types as long as you send it to a character that wears the same phase of armor (mail → mail or plate → plate). For the ones that phase/shift You can do this at Level 40 when the armor class changes.
  3. When you transmogrify the item, do not move it back into your inventory, take it directly from your character page and place it into the mail slot.
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