Trade Prince Maldy was the owner of the Bilgewater Cartel, as seen in the demo shown at BlizzCon 2009. Maldy was then later renamed to Gallywix by the time Cataclysm alpha came out. However, Maldy is still referenced to as being the predecessor to Trade Prince Gallywix [1]. Lorewise, he is presumed to have been killed by Gallywix for the position of trade prince.[citation needed]


When Mount Kajaro erupted he made the evacuees give their life savings to him in exchange for a ticket off the island but it turned out Maldy only intended to sell them into slavery. In a further surprising turn of events Maldy's slaveship was shot down by a Alliance battalion locked in battle with a Horde ship. However Maldy managed to get into an escape pod which drifted near the Lost Isles. He was later rescued by the player much to a ship wrecked survivor's horror. Afterwards he thanked the player but whispered under his breath that he would have his revenge. Maldy showed himself to be a useless burden and spends most of his time insulting the player. Later Maldy somehow escapes the island on a rocket, leaving the player goblins behind. His last words mention he intends to take over Azshara.[2][3]

Personality and traits

Maldy is shown throughout the demo to be a unpleasant individual. He seems to consider the player his personal archenemy, is secretly ungrateful for his life being saved and hates orcs referring to them as savages. The shipwrecked goblins are shown to have no respect for him, one goblin even asks if that monster Maldy survived, he does however manage to convert the player's secretary (not to be confused with Sassy Hardhearted) to his side with his wealth. His model in the demo is a goblin with a fancy purple outfit and matching topknot but this may change in the final release.


  • Trade Prince Gallywix is a renamed version of the character as they share all of the same traits, history, and hatred of the player. It seems the events in the demo with Maldy took place after the newer demo with Gallywix.
    • The quest item Maldy's Falcon reveals that he is the predecessor to Trade Prince Gallywix in lore. This may be a joke, as Maldy the character was replaced out-of-universe with Gallywix.
  • It is not known if he still has the life savings of the player and other goblins, though the dialogue with the players former secretary indicates he does still have some wealth.


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