Trade Prince Donais is the main resident of the Gallywix Pleasure Palace in Azshara. He is a highly affluent member of the Bilgewater Cartel. Little is known about him or why he is in the Pleasure Palace, especially given that Trade Prince Gallywix is not yet included anywhere in the game outside of the goblin starting zones. He is very rude and chauvinistic to the player and sits on a pile of gold while wearing a tuxedo.

Official lore Edit

Trade Prince Donais was recently listed in a lore article[1] written on the World of Warcraft official site.

The part about Donais reads:

"I broke...into Maldy's desk, sir," she panted. "He...hid the key under a falcon statue. I found his research...on what the other trade princes are up to."
"Great," I said. Maldy was getting soft if he was leaving that sort of thing lying around. "What are they doing? We gotta copy them if we're gonna stay competitive."
Thissy shuffled through the papers.
"Building mercenary armies."
"Useful. Send a gift basket full of gold to the Southsea Freebooters."
"Metal or chocolate, sir?"
"Chocolate. They're gonna bite it anyway. Might as well give them a treat. What else?"
"Trade Prince Donais is really into it, sir."
"Okay. Let me save you some time. Everything that's on that list? Get someone who works for me to do it. Get out of here. I have a party to attend."
Thissy nodded once and took off.

From the looks of it Trade Prince Donais has some affiliation with the Southsea Freebooters, and apparently likes Perfume. We can only wait to hear more. Reading the post is highly recommended though, as it gives a great bit of lore behind Trade Prince Gallywix as well!

Quotes Edit

Gossip text:

Why are you talking to me? You don't make nearly as much money as me.
Go mingle with your own kind, pal.
Trade Prince Donais says: Good for you. Good for all of you to go on living lives knowing you can never have the wealth that I do. I'm proud of you for sticking it out.
Trade Prince Donais says: Sometimes... sometimes it hurts to have so much money. It's just so lonely. Just me and all my gold.
Trade Prince Donais says: Attention. Attention, everyone. I would like to offer my sincerest apologies that I am so much richer than all of you. I truly hope you find a way to continue on.
Trade Prince Donais says: I am so... darn... beautiful. Looks at these guns. Look at this gold. Look at these girls. Who wouldn't want to be me?

Notes Edit

  • Trade Prince Donais does not have any voice set whatsoever when clicked. This is likely because the Pleasure Palace appears to be incomplete.
  • The title "Trade Prince" implies that Donais was or is a leader of a goblin cartel.
  • His relation to Trade Prince Gallywix and the Bilgewater Cartel is unknown, but he shares many similar traits with Gallywix.

References Edit

  1. ^ Gallywix:Trade Secrets of a Trade Prince by Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, Page 3 (US, EU) Secret 2: You're Either Ruthless or Toothless. There's No Middle Ground

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