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The Town Hall is a default building included in the garrison when it is first established. All garrison town halls contain an Innkeeper, a Command Table, and an Architect Table.

Levels Edit

Upgrading the town hall requires all the other buildings in the garrison to be upgraded before it can be upgraded itself. When upgrading a town hall, the player is not only upgrading the building itself, but also adding features to the garrison and increasing its overall size. Each town hall upgrade is instant and triggers a cinematic sequence.

Level 1 Town Hall Edit

Level 2 Town Hall Edit

  • Unlocks 1 medium and 1 additional small building plot.
  • Adds a table where players can choose a daily assault quest.
  • A <Guild Emissary> joins the town hall, offering players the ability to display Garrison Guild Banners.

Level 3 Town Hall Edit

  • Unlocks 1 additional large, 1 medium and 1 small building plot.
  • Unlocks a room to showcase trophies inside the town hall.
  • Unlocks slots for 3 custom monuments around garrison and a tower containing a portal to Alliance 15 Stormshield or Horde 15 Warspear.
  • An NPC joins the town hall, allowing players to view previously-viewed cinematics.
  • An NPC joins the town hall, allowing players to purchase additional followers.

Patch 6.1 Edit

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Several new NPCs now visit your Level 3 town hall. Some are permanent and some rotate.


One per day.

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