{{tooltip |mode= |arg= |durability=35 |sell=9Silver 62Copper |armor=61 |icon=INV_Gauntlets_24 |bind=BoE |type=Leather |slot=Hands |itemid=4253 |ilvl=27 |name=Toughened Leather Gloves|id=4253 |level=22 |quality=Rare |attrib=+6 Agility
+3 Stamina
+6 Spirit


This item can be acquired through crafting or another combine-type effect.

Materials required
Inv misc leatherscrap 05
4x [Medium Leather]
Inv misc pelt bear 02
2x [Cured Medium Hide]
Inv potion 64
2x [Elixir of Defense]
Spell nature web
2x [Spider's Silk]
Inv fabric wool 02
2x [Fine Thread]

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