Toshe Chaosrender is a taunka of the Earthen Ring initially encountered by both factions within Damplight Chamber[60.9, 19.0]
and later at the Ruins of Thelserai Temple[64, 42.2]
in the Shimmering Expanse. He can also be found aboard Voldrin's Hold[69.8, 75.2]
, an Alliance ship stationed in the waters of Vashj'ir, as well as the Ring of the Elements[44, 10.6]
in the Twilight Highlands.


Damplight Chamber
Ruins of Thelserai Temple
Voldrin's Hold


  • To find Toshe aboard Voldrin's Hold, step inside and he is immediately to the left.


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Damplight Chamber Thelserai Voldrin's Hold
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