Torturer LeCraft is a torturer of the Scarlet Onslaught found in the basement of the barracks at New Hearthglen, in Dragonblight, working at what appears to be an Alchemy Lab. Despite his status as a vile torturer, he begs for his life when tortured by you. Before he finishes his monologue, he states that "They all... begged... for their... lives!" Perhaps he is reminiscing about his own torturing experiences.


High General Abbendis writes in her diary that he is a good friend of Bishop Street. However, it also mentions she thinks LeCraft a twisted man and dislikes his relations with Street.

Objective ofEdit


  • Hemorrhage- Damage taken by target increased by 15 for 10 sec.
  • Kidney Shot- Stuns the target for 3 sec.


It is possible he knows Interrogator Vishas.



  • Come to play?

While he is being tortured:

  • Ow! I'll tell you NOTHING, filthy <race>!
  • Wait... WAIT! What is it that you want to know?! I know you're the <class> named <name>.
  • OW... NO! We know that you've been stealing our armor and weapons and horses!
  • We know... that you don't... know why we're immune... to your so-called blight. Grand Admiral Westwind somehow gave the high abbot that prayer. I beg you... no more... please?!
  • AHHHHHHHH! Please... we know... that you have a spy... disguised as... one of us! There... that's all I know. Please... mercy... STOP!

At this point, you have gained your information, but can continue the torture:

  • I TOLD YOU... I don't know... anything... else!
  • Just... end it.
  • They all... begged... for their... lives!
  • Please... stop. I'll do... anything....

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