Torth is a black drake and the mount of Narkrall Rakeclaw. He is first encountered by Horde players at Bloodgulch[54.1, 40.9]
in the Twilight Highlands, surly and hosilte but under the complete control of his master. Narkrall takes him in battle against the Wildhammer dwarves at Thundermar, against the wishes of the Dragonmaw leader, Zaela.
Alliance players encounter Torth during this battle, though the interaction is short-lived. Once Narkrall is slain, Torth flees the village, wheeling about to attack Bloodgulch, enraged with his former captors. He firebombs the town a few times, then departs for The Gullet[36.6, 38.2]
. Fearing further reprisal, Zaela sends Horde players to finish him off at the cave entrance.

Objective of


  • "You ally yourself with these fiends? You, too, shall someday burn!"
  • "The bonds that hold me are not so permanent, <class>. Pray you are not near when I have my vengeance."
  • "Your kind will be made to suffer for this, <race>."
  • "<The ferocious black drake strains at the chains that bind it. It's best to keep your distance.>"
  • "<The enormous black drake, covered with open wounds, stares you down with malice in his eyes. It does not blink.>"

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