Topper McNabb is a beggar, and former farmer, in Stormwind City,[60, 69]
just up the alley next to the Auction House.

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  • Topper McNabb says: Alms for the poor?
  • Topper McNabb says: Help a poor bloke out?
  • Topper McNabb says: Could ye spare some coin?
  • Topper McNabb says: Shine yer armor for a copper.
  • The character of Wimpy in the Popeye cartoons often said this:
    • Topper McNabb says: I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today.
  • Possibly a reference to an Eddie Murphy scene from Trading Places.
    • Topper McNabb says: Spare some change for a poor blind man? …What do you mean I'm not blind? …I'M NOT BLIND! I CAN SEE!! It's a miracle!
  • In Warcraft III, a common tactic to prevent the enemy from easily destroying towers was to place them behind farms so that the enemy units would have to path through the cluster of farms to get to the tower.
    • Topper McNabb says: It's all their fault, stupid Alliance army. Just had to build their towers right behind my farm.
    • Topper McNabb says: It's all their fault, stupid orcs. Had to burn my farm to the ground.

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The surname McNabb could imply that he is a 'noob' who is begging for gold.

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