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Gnome male wielding the Tooth of Eranikus

The Tooth of Eranikus is a one-hand axe that gives a bonus to strength and chance to hit.


The Tooth of Eranikus drops from the Shade of Eranikus in the Temple of Atal'Hakkar.

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The estimated drop rate is 10%.


These axes were reportedly crafted from the salvaged teeth of the great Eranikus, a fierce green dragon. At least six such weapons are known to exist. The axe has a steel haft, but the head is made of dark iron. The petrified tooth of a dragon is embedded directly through the head, so that that damage this weapon deals is piercing not slashing. Any dragon that sees this weapon knows immediately that a dragon's tooth is embedded in its surface.[1] At least one of the weapons has a wooden haft, embedded with three dragon's teeth covered by green skin.

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