Tony Two-Tusks is a troll that plays the role of Admiral (at level 41 Elite) within a cave[95.2, 79.8]
among the Southsea Freebooters in the Thousand Needles. He is encountered during the quest chain starting with Alliance 15 [38] Where's Wizzle?/Horde 15 [38] Where's Synge?.

After killing Two-Tusk, a new quest chain starts with Haunted, where Tony's ghost haunts players and demands that they speak to his wife and revive him.

Tony is also a level 16 Horde quest giver on Fray Island[77.2, 91.2]
in the Northern Barrens. This is apparently when he begins amassing his power with the pirates.

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Dat thing that happened between me 'n' m' wife was a complete misunderstanding. It was Seadog Fajardo! The little brat even looks a little like 'im!
Ah, the Barrens... 'Ey, I wonder what happened to Mankrik's wife.

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  • Only the version of Tony Two-Tusk in the Northern Barrens is affiliated with the Bilgewater Cartel.

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