Ton Windbow is a level 28 elite quest giver located at Grimtotem Post, serving as the ambassador of the Grimtotem tribe in the Alliance.



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Following the Shattering, the Alliance discovered that the Grimtotem Tauren were not in good terms with the Horde, and decided to use it for their advantage. Force Commander Valen sends Alliance adventurers to meet with "Cookie" McWeaksauce and help him to make an offering to the Grimtotem tribe.

Once the food was done, the adventurers are sent to Grimtotem Post, where they speak with Ton Windbow, the ambassador of the tribe. After the adventurers give him and his guards the offering, Windbow was very surprised and amazed by the taste of the food, and saw that the Alliance would be a great valuable help to destroy their Horde enemies.

Agreeing to join the Alliance, Ton Windbow sent his Terms of Service to Force Commander Valen, stating that if the Alliance truly wished to help, that they would have to arm the tribe with more and better weapons. Once the adventurers gathered enough armament crates, they are sent to Grundig Darkcloud, with whom the negotiations continued and ended with success.



Ton Windbow says: Grundig is nearby. Look there.

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