Tome of Mel'Thandris
The Tome of Mel'Thandris once belonged to Mel'Thandris. It is located in Howling Vale of Ashenvale. [50.4, 39]
It is involved in The Scythe of Elune quest chain quest chain.

Objective ofEdit

Needs to be viewed for the quest Alliance 15 [30] The Howling Vale.

Cut scene Edit

When the book is viewed, the specter of Velinde Starsong appears, narrating relatively recent events:

Velinde Starsong says: The numbers of my companions dwindles, goddess, and my own power shall soon be insufficient to hold back the demons of Felwood.
Velinde Starsong says: Goddess, grant me the power to overcome my enemies! Hear me, please, my need is desperate and my cause is just!
Velinde Starsong says: What... what is this? Could this be the answer to my prayers? Elune has granted me a weapon -- this scythe -- to defeat the demons.

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