Tome Wraith

The Tome Wraith is a ghost guarding a Tome of Knowledge, Tome of Agility, Tome of Intelligence and Tome of Strength in the caverns under an Darkspear Islands isle in the Maelstrom. Thrall defeats her in the dungeon of the Underworld Minions and takes the tomes in his escape of the dungeon on his journey to Kalimdor. This character is found in the Blizzard-made campaign called "Exodus of the Horde" found in the Frozen Throne Expansion Pack.

  • 500 HP
  • 300 MP
  • 31-35 ranged piercing damage
  • 2 medium armor.


The Tome Wraith is an undead unit seen on the second map of the Blizzard-made Campaign, "Exodus of the Horde" in the updated version of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

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