Tobias Mistmantle is a worgen warrior who helps fend off feral worgen at Stoneward Prison[56.4, 64.7]
and in front of Light's Dawn Cathedral[40.2, 38.4]
in Gilneas City. When the Forsaken take possession of the Scythe of Elune in the Blackwald, Tobias and his warriors create a diversion that allows its recovery.

He also gives the signal for his fellow worgen to begin their final assault against the Horde forces in the Headlands.

After the fall of Gilneas, Tobias journeys to Darkshire[79, 44.2]
in Duskwood, in search of his brother, Stalvan.[1]



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Before the cataclysm erupted, Tobias was stationed on the roof of the Stoneward Prison alongside Darius Crowley and several other men, attempting to drive the attacking worgen away. He later assists Crowley in defending Light's Dawn Cathedral, but is defeated and turned into a worgen. After being cured, Tobias remained with Darius at Tal'doren for a time until the Forsaken, under the command of Sylvanas Windrunner, invaded Gilneas. When the Forsaken stole the Scythe of Elune, he helped to recover it by leading an attack against the Dark Rangers as a diversion.

Tobias later participated in the Battle for Gilneas. After Sylvanas Windrunner killed Prince Liam Greymane near the end of the battle, he and a Worgen adventurer tracked her down to Light's Dawn Cathedral, where he witnessed the conversation between Sylvanas, General Warhowl and High Executor Crenshaw. After learning that they are going to deploy the plague on Gilneas City, he traveled to Keel Harbor and assisted Lorna Crowley in destroying a Horde Gunship that was blocking evacuation ships.

After leaving Gilneas and joining the Alliance, Tobias travelled to Duskwood and took refuge in Darkshire. When he heard news about his brother Stalvan, the citizens were afraid to talk about it, and told him that he was dead. After Clerk Daltry - who aided in the original investigation of Stalvan's whereabouts - directs Alliance players to the portions of Stalvan's journal, which had been taken and shredded by feral Nightbane worgen. Tobias sought to find out the truth of what happened, and turns to Madame Eva for assistance. Using the Mistmantle Family Ring, Madame Eva directs players back to Manor Mistmantle, where Stalvan arose from his grave seeking revenge. Tobias arrived shortly and defeated his brother.


Light's Dawn Cathedral

Quotes Edit

Not a bad place here, if you aren't into the whole "sunshine" thing.
Stalvan Mistmantle says: My ring... Who holds my family ring... Tilloa, is that you?
Tobias Mistmantle says: Brother!
Stalvan Mistmantle says: Tobias...
Tobias Mistmantle says: Tell me [that] it is not true, brother. Tell me [that] you didn't die a murderer!
Stalvan Mistmantle says: It is all true, brother. Every word. You doubted it?
Tobias Mistmantle says: But why?! How could you?
Stalvan Mistmantle says: You know why!
Stalvan Mistmantle says: Surely, you have felt anger. Anger so foul and vicious that it makes you want to tear someone to shreds...
Stalvan Mistmantle says: Aren't you feeling it right now?
Tobias Mistmantle yells: No... NO! STOP IT!
Stalvan Mistmantle says: You see, brother... we are not so different...
Tobias Mistmantle says: No...

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  • Tobias Mistmantle as a Worgen, leading Crowley's forces within the Blackwald.
  • Tobias at Keel Harbor[41.9, 37.8]
    ready to give the final assault signal.
  • Tobias before the Light's Dawn Cathedral.
  • Tobias in Darkshire (Duskwood).
  • Tobias covering in fear after the player fell to the curse (Worgen cinematic).

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