Inv jewelcrafting crimsonhare Neutral 15 To All The Squirrels Who Cared for Me 10 Money achievement
The Cataclysm has brought more critters to Azeroth. You must /love them too.
  • IconSmall GroundSquirrel Alpine Chipmunk
  • IconSmall Rat Grotto Vole
  • IconSmall Moth Oasis Moth
  • IconSmall Snake Rattlesnake
  • IconSmall Snail Rockchewer Whelk
  • IconSmall Sea Cucumber Sea Cucumber
  • IconSmall GroundSquirrel Yellow-Bellied Marmot
  • IconSmall Fox Baradin Fox Kit
  • IconSmall Turkey Highlands Turkey
  • IconSmall Frog Mac Frog
  • IconSmall Snake Rock Viper
  • IconSmall Housecat Sassy Cat
  • IconSmall Rat Wharf Rat

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Here's a macro to spam when you are in the near vicinity of your target critters. The last line is optional, if you want the critter to stay targeted or not.

/tar Alpine C
/tar Grotto V
/tar Oasis M
/tar Rattles
/tar Rockchewer
/tar Sea Cuc
/tar Yellow-
/tar Baradin Fox Kit
/tar Mac Frog
/tar Rock Viper
/tar Sassy Cat
/tar Wharf Rat
/tar Highlands T
/stopmacro [noexists]

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