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#REDIRECT [[Titanic watchers]]
'''Titanic watchers''' are mysterious gigantic humanoids who may be [[titan]]s or [[titan]] [[construct]]s. They appear to have been tasked by the titans long ago with watching the creations of the titans on [[Azeroth (world)|Azeroth]]. Most of them can be found in [[Northrend]] guarding titan artifacts.
Presumed titanic watchers
* {{RaceIconExt|StoneKeeper|Small}} {{mob|Archaedas|level=40}}
* {{RaceIcon|Titan|Male|Small}} {{NPC||Creteus|level=80+}}<ref>{{questlong|Alliance|80|The Lonesome Watcher}}</ref>
* {{RaceIconExt|Freya|Small}} {{mob|Freya|level=??||Freya}}<ref name="fate">{{questlong|Alliance|80|Fate of the Titans}}</ref>
* {{RaceIconExt|Hodir|Small}} {{mob|Hodir|level=??||Hodir}}<ref name="fate"/>
* {{RaceIcon|Titan|female|Small}} {{mob|Ironaya|level=39}}
* {{RaceIconExt|Mechagnome|Small}} {{mob|Mimiron|level=??||Mimiron/Mimir}}<ref name="fate"/>
* {{RaceIcon|Titan|Male|Small}} {{mob|Jotun|level=80}}
* {{RaceIconExt|Thorim|Small}} {{NPC||Thorim|level=82+}}<ref name="fate"/>
* [[Tyr]]<ref name="fate"/>
* {{RaceIcon|DarkTitan|Male|Small}} {{mob|Loken|level=81+}}
== References ==
== See also ==
* [[Watchers]]

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