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{{Merge|titan-forged|With new info from ''[[World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1]]'', this article should be merged into [[titan-forged]].}}
'''Titanic watchers''' or guardians, also known as '''keepers''', are mysterious gigantic humanoids, likely from the ranks of the [[titan-forged]]. They appear to have been tasked by the titans long ago with guarding the creations of the titans on [[Azeroth (world)|Azeroth]]. Most of earliest discovered by [[adventurer]]s can be found in [[Northrend]] guarding [[titan]] artifacts.
Titanic '''watchers''', also known as '''keepers''', are mysterious gigantic humanoids who may be either [[titan]]s or [[titan]] [[construct]]s. They appear to have been tasked by the titans long ago with watching the creations of the titans on [[Azeroth (world)|Azeroth]]. Most of them can be found in [[Northrend]] guarding titan artifacts.
[[Stone keeper]]s and [[Stone watcher]]s may be lesser versions of the group of watchers around Ulduar.
[[Stone keeper]]s and [[Stone watcher]]s may be lesser versions of the group of watchers around Ulduar.
== Confirmed and presumed titanic watchers ==
==Presumed titanic watchers==
{{Source needed-section}}
*{{NPC|Combat|Archaedas|Ancient Stone Watcher|level=40|smallicon=IconSmall StoneKeeper.gif}}
:''Those with good references can be considered confirmed.''
*{{NPC|Neutral|Creteus|level=80+|smallicon=IconSmall StoneKeeper.gif}}<ref>{{questlong|Alliance|80|The Lonesome Watcher}}</ref>
*{{NPC|Combat|Archaedas|Ancient Stone Watcher|level=40|icon=StoneKeeper}}
*{{NPC|Combat|Freya|level=??|smallicon=IconSmall Freya.gif}}<ref name="fate">{{questlong|Alliance|80|Fate of the Titans}}</ref>
*{{NPC|Combat|Auriaya|level=??|icon=Titan Female}}
*{{NPC|Combat|Hodir|level=??|smallicon=IconSmall Hodir.gif}}<ref name="fate"/>
*{{NPC|Combat|Myzrael|level=30|icon=Titan Female}}
*{{NPC|Combat|Ironaya|level=39|smallicon=IconSmall Titan Female.gif}}
*{{NPC|Neutral|Creteus|level=80+|icon=StoneKeeper}}<ref name="lonesome">{{questlong|Alliance|80|The Lonesome Watcher}} "You'll find Creteus over the mountains to the east, in the Foot Steppes, keeping watch on the Engine of the Makers."</ref>
*{{NPC|Neutral|Jotun|level=80|smallicon=IconSmall Titan Male.gif}}
*{{NPC|Combat|Ironaya|level=39|icon=Titan Female}}<ref name="chamber">{{questlong|Both|39|The Chamber of Khaz'mul}} "What we do know is that it is guarded by Ironaya, a Titanic Watcher of immense size and power."</ref>
*{{NPC|Combat|Loken|level=81+|smallicon=IconSmall Titan Male.gif}}
*{{NPC|Neutral|Jotun|level=80|icon=StoneTitan Male}}
*{{NPC|Combat|Mimiron|level=??||Mimiron/Mimir|smallicon=IconSmall Mechagnome.gif}}<ref name="fate"/>
*{{NPC|Combat|Maiden of Grief|level=76|icon=Titan Female}}
*{{NPC|Combat|Thorim|level=82+|smallicon=IconSmall Thorim.gif}}<ref name="fate"/>
*{{NPC|Combat|Maiden of Virtue|level=??|icon=Titan Female}}
*{{NPC|Neutral|Tyr|smallicon=IconSmall Titan Male.gif}}<ref name="fate"/>
*{{NPC|Combat|Myzrael|level=44+|icon=Titan Female}}
*{{NPC|Neutral|Nablya|level=85+|icon=Aesir Female}}<ref name="shapers">{{questlong||55|The Shaper's Terrace}} "...teleport to The Shaper's Terrace, then speak with Nablya." ... "We will consult with The Watcher."</ref> {{Cata-inline}}
*{{NPC|boss|Ra-den|Fallen Keeper of Storms|Ra-den|level = 90+|smallicon = |icon = StormGiant}} {{Mists-inline}}
*{{NPC|Neutral|Yotnar|level=110|icon=StoneTitan Male}} {{Legion-inline}}
*{{NPC|Neutral|Odyn|level=??|icon=Odyn}} {{Legion-inline}}
*{{NPC|Neutral|Norushen|level=??|icon=Norushen}} {{Mists-inline}}
=== Main Ulduar group ===
*{{NPC|Combat|Freya|level=??|icon=Freya}}<ref name="fateConfirmed">{{questlong|Alliance|80|Fate of the Titans}} "I have recently encountered knowledge of the watcher, Thorim."</ref>
*{{NPC|Combat|Hodir|level=??|icon=Hodir}}<ref name="fateImplied">{{questlong|Alliance|80|Fate of the Titans}}</ref>
*{{NPC|Combat|Loken|level=81+|icon=Titan Male}}
*{{NPC|Combat|Mimiron|level=??||Mimiron/Mimir|icon=Mechagnome}}<ref name="fateImplied" />
*{{NPC|Combat|Thorim|level=82+|icon=Thorim}}<ref name="fateImplied" />
*{{NPC|Neutral|Tyr|icon=Titan Male}}<ref name="fateImplied" />
*{{NPC|Neutral|Algalon the Observer|icon=Algalon}}
=== Main Uldum group ===
== References ==
== See also ==
==See also==
*[[Bronze watcher]]
*[[Bronze watcher]]
[[de:Titanischer Wächter]]
[[Category:Titanic watchers| ]]
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