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  • Titan Runestone
  • Item Level 500
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Binds when picked up
  • "Faintly glowing symbols move quietly over the surface of this perfectly smooth stone. You can't read the language, but Wrathion can interpret it."

This item is needed for the quest Echoes of the Titans, given by Wrathion at the Tavern in the Mists in the Veiled Stair.

They drop from the last six bosses in the Throne of Thunder and the first eight bosses in the Siege of Orgrimmar.


Each pick-up will be accompanied by a whisper from Wrathion:

Image of Wrathion whispers: According to this runestone, the mogu were Titan constructs, soulless creatures built of stone. We suspected as much.
Image of Wrathion whispers: You've found another stone. What have we learned? The 'curse of flesh' made the mogu mortal. Ah - but later, they found a way to reverse the process. A clever race.
Image of Wrathion whispers: The mogu served a Titan keeper. His name was "Ra." In the mogu tongue, "Ra-den" means "Master Ra." Fascinating! I must know more!
Image of Wrathion whispers: According to this, the mogu and their master were sent to Pandaria. They were pursuing a great darkness - ah, the fragment is incomplete. We must find others.
Image of Wrathion whispers: Here, there is mention of an Old God. "Y'Shaarj." A beast with seven heads, who breathed darkness. I suspect that thing was the source of the sha that haunts Pandaria to this day.
Image of Wrathion whispers: This runestone speaks of a "Cradle of Life." A place where the Titans could create new creatures. Oh - of course - the Vale of Eternal Blossoms! It was a living laboratory, much like Un'goro Crater or Sholazar Basin.
Image of Wrathion whispers: We're beginning to put the pieces together, champion. The mogu were created and sent here to guard the Vale for their Titan masters. Guard it from what? Were the Old Gods still a threat?
Image of Wrathion whispers: Here, this fragment speaks of "The Winged Legions of Y'Shaarj." Servants of an Old God? Could this mean the mantid?
Image of Wrathion whispers: This runestone is more recent than the others. Something about "the sleeping keeper." I think it's referring to Ra-den. But why was he asleep?
Image of Wrathion whispers: You've found another piece of the puzzle! This was carved by the mogu. They were frustrated - a thousand years with no orders from their master, and their bodies had turned to flesh. The mogu began to argue among themselves.
Image of Wrathion whispers: Hmm, this runestone speaks of Mogu savagery. They fell apart into warrior clans. But one king was more ambitious than the others. Lei Shen, the Thunder King. When the Titan Keeper fell silent, Lei Shen decided to speak for him.
Image of Wrathion whispers: Ah, the final piece of the puzzle. The Thunder King took on the powers of Ra-den, the very essence of a Titan. He united the Mogu into an empire, and tried to continue the Titans' work. Of course he saw himself as a god. Quickly, return to me at the Veiled Stair. We should talk face to face.

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