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TitanGuild is a simple guild list for the Titan Panel AddOn.

Features Edit

  • Lists online guild members in a tooltip, green rank text indicating an officer
  • Menu shows names of online members, with click to /whisper functionality. Green text = officer
  • Menu has options to /guild chat and /officer chat
  • Menu has option to toggle Show offline members, which changes this setting in your Social frame, Guild tab
  • Advanced menus to /w, /invite, /friend or /who guild members
  • Shows default messages if the player is not a member of a guild
  • Updates the guild listing every 15 seconds to accommodate the GuildRoster() delay. The update only takes place if the player is 'idle' and not accessing conflicting UI frames or Titan elements
  • Tooltip and right*click menu content is sortable using the Sort menu option, works like the guild frame
  • Colors rank names (Advanced) or player names (Simple) based on rank index
  • To save space, player can turn off menu options

Author Edit

The author of the TitanGuild addon is chicogrande or Mandingo on the Wiki.

Screenshots Edit

New screenshots coming soon, which show the new additions to the interaction menus (/who and add-to-friends list)

Button text

TitanGuild buttontext

Right-click menu content with new sorting feature

TitanGuild rightclickmenuwithsort

Advanced whisper and invite menus with options turned off

TitanGuild rightclickmenu adv noopt

Simple contact list with options turned off

TitanGuild rightclickmenu noopt


TitanGuild tooltiptext

URL Edit


Suggestions Edit

Please post your suggestions and comments here

Sort settings are not saved across sessions. I set the sort type to 'rank' and it becomes reset next time I login. -shake

Mandingo 13:22, 15 Sep 2005 (EDT) This is actually resolved in the latest version of Titan Guild. It retains your sort choice, but NOT sort direction. Sort direction persistance is not something exposed via the API.

Alaerandir 6:37 11 October 2005 (EDT) With the recent 1.8 patch I have been recieving errors, apparently when it goes to update but I don't know specifically. I'll try and reproduce it later...

Mandingo 15:35, 30 Dec 2005 (EST) Not sure what issue your referring to, but despite issues with GuildRoster() being a pig of a method, the mod works fine.

Alaerandir 18:08 4 January 2006 (EST) I think i may have messed it up (referring to the last thing I said). However, now with 1.9 I know for a fact that it no longer works. I am not the only one to experience this. With 1.9 it shows every guild member as online. So if the guild have 100 members, it always shows 100/100. Any idea what's up?

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