The Tinkers' Union is a union of Goblin tinkers (also known as Engineers). It is assumed that the Tinkers' Union headquarters is a major portion of the goblin capital of Undermine. The current leader of the Tinkers' Union is Director Riddlevox of Undermine.

The Tinkers' Union is at war with the gnomes and dwarves, the Tinkers’ Union deals with technology and the construction of gizmos, weapons and mechanical monstrosities. Director Tek'zik Riddlevox, overseer of the Undermine Tinkers’ Union, runs the union.[1]

Notable members
Name Location
IconSmall Goblin Male Director Riddlevox (Leader) Undermine
Neutral 15 IconSmall Goblin Male Sputtervalve Ratchet
Neutral 15 IconSmall Goblin Male Rezlak Orgrimmar
Neutral 15 IconSmall Goblin Male Ziz Fizziks Windshear Crag
Samuel Wrenchwright[2] Unknown


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