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Timewarped Badges are a currency used to purchase special rewards when a Timewalking Dungeon Event is active.

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Timewarped badges can be gathered in a few ways:

  • 5 Pvecurrency-justice  are looted from each boss within a Timewalking dungeon (10 from the final boss of the dungeon).
  • 10 Pvecurrency-justice  are awarded to a player each time they successfully complete a random timewalking dungeon through the Group Finder.
  • 50 Pvecurrency-justice  are earned if the role you queue for is currently affected by Call to Arms.
  • 500 Pvecurrency-justice  are awarded when players turn in one of three possible weekly quests, initiated by looting a quest item from the body of a timewalking boss.

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Badges can used to purchase gear, items, heirlooms, toys , and mounts from four separate vendors. Vendors vary based on the expansion featured in the current timewalking event. Vendors are not available when there is no timewalking event active.

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