A Timewalking Dungeon Event typically occurs once every three weeks and lasts for 7 days.

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During a timewalking event, players may queue for a randomly selected dungeon from a previous expansion, with a new “heroic” difficulty. In timewalking dungeons, a character’s power and gear has been scaled down to a fraction of what they normally are, corresponding to the original difficulty of the dungeon. Each timewalking event corresponds to a particular previous expansion, including: The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King or Cataclysm


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  • The stats of rare-quality loot from bosses in timewalking dungeons are adjusted to be appropriate for level 100 characters.
  • Timewarped badges can be looted from timewalking bosses, weekly quests, or by simply queuing and successfully completing a timewalking dungeon. These badges can then be used to purchase special rewards from timewalking vendors.

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