Timber Wolf can be found in Elwynn Foresttimber wolves are pack hunters excelling in the persistent chase of their prey. While many humans fear timber wolves as servants of darkness and associate them with orcs, night elves embrace the rightful place timber wolves have in the natural order. Timber wolves move and hunt primarily at night. These wolves have a shaggy pelt of brownish-grey. Timber wolves excel at hunting as a pack. Individuals will harry prey while others circle behind to attack en masse. Packs will send members to assess unfamiliar situations. Timber wolves avoid humans and their settlements, though hunger and harsh winters will drive them to eat livestock.[1] This beast is tamable and comes with Bite as a damage skill and Furious Howl as a special skill.

The population of Timber Wolves in Northshire Valley has increased. Eagan Peltskinner speculates that they may have been scared from Duskwood, and rewards the local recruits for thinning their population (and bringing him their meat for dinner).

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Drops [Tough Wolf Meat] for the quest Alliance 15 [2] Wolves Across the Border.

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