Who is Tigule? Edit

In World of Warcraft, Tigule makes appearances as co-creator of "the best tasting icecream in the whole world" ([Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream]), currently sold at the racetrack in Shimmering Flats, Thousand Needles. He also seems to have lost his harpoon ([Tigule's Harpoon]) which can now be found in the hands of Gahz'ranka in Zul'Gurub.

In Old Hillsbrad, Nat Pagle tells his friend Hal about his dream involving Tigule: "You know those two loud-mouthed ruffians, Foror and Tigule? Well, in this dream, they somehow end up inventing something called ice-cream and flavoring it with strawberries... Well, long story short, they end up striking it rich! If that weren't crazy enough, they decide to quit the ice-cream business and become adventurers... They travel all over the place and finally disappear into some portal. I woke up in a cold sweat after that one..."

The real Tigule.... Tigole Edit

Tigule is rumored to be an in-game representation of Tigole Bitties, once the guild leader of an Everquest guild famous amongst online gamers. Tigole, (aka Jeff Kaplan), is also World of Warcraft's Lead Designer responsible for world design. Also may be the owner of Tigole's Trashbringer (said to look like Ashbringer on Wowhead)

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