Tigon is an animal-hybrid form troll high priests and prophets can take when drawing power from the great feline loa gods Shirvallah and Bethekk. It is thus not a proper creature race.

Three bosses in-game use this form, two of which are in Zul'Gurub, while the third resides in Karazhan:

  • High Priestess Arlokk is a troll who transforms into the female panther form.
  • High Priest Thekal is a troll who transforms into the male tiger form.
  • Roar uses a male lion form from the beginning, but due to the nature of being a character in an opera play, this form may be a type of costume.

If one equips the two fist weapons, [Thekal's Grasp] and [Arlokk's Grasp], to form the Primal Blessing set, it grants a small chance when ranged or melee damage is dealt to infuse the wielder with a blessing from the Primal Gods. Not only does the blessing transform your character into a tigon, but it increases ranged and melee attack power by 300 for 12 seconds.


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The name "tigon" is taken from the game files, as no other name is known.

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