Tier 14 is the armor set associated with Terrace of Endless Spring and Heart of Fear, which were released with Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria.

Sets[1] Edit

Class Normal - ilvl 496 Role
IconSmall Deathknight Death Knight Battlegear of the Lost Catacomb DPS
Plate of the Lost Catacomb Tank
IconSmall Druid Druid Vestments of the Eternal Blossom Healer (restoration)
Battlegear of the Eternal Blossom DPS (feral)
Armor of the Eternal Blossom Tank (guardian)
Regalia of the Eternal Blossom Caster (balance)
IconSmall Hunter Hunter Yaungol Slayer Battlegear DPS
IconSmall Mage Mage Regalia of the Burning Scroll DPS
IconSmall Monk Monk Vestments of the Red Crane Healer (mistweaver)
Armor of the Red Crane Tank (brewmaster)
Battlegear of the Red Crane DPS (windwalker)
IconSmall Paladin Paladin White Tiger Vestments Healer (holy)
White Tiger Plate Tank (protection)
White Tiger Battlegear DPS (retribution)
IconSmall Priest Priest Regalia of the Guardian Serpent DPS
Vestments of the Guardian Serpent Healer
IconSmall Rogue Rogue Battlegear of the Thousandfold Blades DPS
IconSmall Shaman Shaman Vestments of the Firebird Healer (restoration)
Battlegear of the Firebird DPS (enhancement)
Regalia of the Firebird Caster (elemental)
IconSmall Warlock Warlock Sha Skin Regalia DPS
IconSmall Warrior Warrior Battleplate of Resounding Rings DPS
Plate of Resounding Rings Tank

Tokens Edit

Head Edit

From Terrace of Endless Spring.

Shoulders Edit

From Terrace of Endless Spring.

Chest Edit

From Heart of Fear.

Legs Edit

From Heart of Fear.

Hands Edit

From Heart of Fear.

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From official site
Death knight Druid
Tier 14 Death Knight Tier 14 Druid
Hunter Mage
Tier 14 Hunter Tier 14 Mage
Monk Paladin
Tier 14 Monk Tier 14 Paladin
Priest Rogue
Tier 14 Priest Tier 14 Rogue
Shaman Warlock
Tier 14 Shaman Tier 14 Warlock
Tier 14 Warrior

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