Thuzadin Acolyte are located in ziggurats guarded by the three sub-bosses, Nerub'enkan, Baroness Anastari, and Maleki the Pallid. Once you kill one of the sub-bosses, the door behind them opens revealing five of the acolytes.

You must kill all the acolytes within all three ziggurats to unlock the gate between the areas in Stratholme known as The Gauntlet and Slaughter Square, to begin the Venom Belcher / Bile Spewer chain-pull event.

Clearing a single ziggurat triggers this animation and warrants the instance wide yell
Thuzadin Acolyte yells: An Ash'ari Crystal has fallen! Stay true to the Lich King, my brethren, and attempt to resummon it.
Thuzadin Acolyte yells: One of the Ash'ari Crystals has been destroyed! Slay the intruders!
Thuzadin Acolyte yells: An Ash'ari Crystal has been toppled! Restore the ziggurat before the Necropolis is vulnerable!
Clearing all three ziggurats gets the additional yell
Baron Rivendare yells: The Ash'ari Crystals have been destroyed! The Slaughterhouse is vulnerable!

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