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"Mommy said I could watch another episode of Mythbusters before bedtime."
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Thundgot thegathering

Thundgot at The Gathering

Thundgot is a Blizzard employee and the first and only English language Community Manager (CM) for the European World of Warcraft community.

He is normally encountered on the EU forums, specifically the English WoW forums. His nickname consists of the first letters of the eight original races in World of Warcraft: Tauren, Human, Undead, Night Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc and Troll. His real name is Thomas Johnsen. Thundgot formerly worked for Funcom as a Community Manager, Cz, of Anarchy Online in Norway. Thundgot is Norwegian. His favourite solo class is hunter, and his favourite raiding class is mage.

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