Thundermar[49, 29.7]
is a Wildhammer town situated in the central part of the Twilight Highlands. It is the last holdout of the dwarves against the Dragonmaw and Twilight's Hammer clan, as the remainder of their town lies in ruins.

With little information to go on, Keegan Firebeard thinks that the Thundermars have abandoned the rest of the clan in their fight against the Twilight forces far to the south. Little does he know that the Thundermars are the only thing keeping the Dragonmaw back.

Thundermar consists of several occupied buildings, the primary being the inn. There appear to be two breweries, complete with enormous vats of "Orimbergen" beer, which could be a reference to the Grimbergen beer of Belgium. There is also a centrally located forge, a hunting lodge, a gryphon hatchery, and a flight path up the hill north of the town. The quartermaster for the Wildhammers can be found just outside the hunting lodge.

Flight paths

Alliance 15 Kirthaven, Twilight Highlands
Alliance 15 Firebeard's Patrol, Twilight Highlands
Alliance 15 Victor's Point, Twilight Highlands


Quest givers
During Tear Them From the Sky! through Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer quests


  • Inside Sloan Simmersquall's brewery.
  • Vats of "Orimbergen" beer
  • The second brewery in Thundermar.
  • The Hatchery.
  • The hunting lodge.

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