A thunder lizard is a heavyset, large lizard that bears a close resemblance to a Kodo. They are aggressive beasts that prefer canyons and plains. When in combat, they shoot thunder from their horns at distance and dole out harsh headbutts at close range. Thunder lizards come in a variety of colors, from blue to pink to grey, and live in Durotar, The Barrens, the Stonetalon Mountains, and Desolace.

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View one of the original concept drawings of the Thunder Lizard by artist Michel Koiter at the Twincruiser Gallery.

Fighting Thunder Lizards

Attacks which interrupt the spellcasting of NPCs such as the rogue's Kick, the shaman's Earth Shock, and the warrior's Shield Bash are also effective against these lizards. When you see the lightning building up in its mouth, hit it with the counter to casting used by your class and you won't have to worry about getting hit by any lightning'll only have to worry about being trampled, gored, or crushed by a huge and irate reptile.

WarCraft III

In WarCraft III Thunder Lizards came in a variety of forms, including Storm Wyrms and Lightning Lizards. Rather than shooting thunder from their horns, they shoot it from their mouths. The Salamanders and Thunder Lizards looked very similar, as one or the other was a simple reskin of the first.

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