A type of ranged weapon that usually causes physical damage and doesn't need ammo to use, instead the weapon itself is expended. Fortunately they normally come in stacks of 200.

Normally has shorter range than ranged weapons that use ammo.

Trolls have a Throwing Weapon Specialization (+5 bonus).

Currently available thrown weapons include:

Thrown Level Dmg Price per 200
Crude Throwing Axe 3 +x x
Small Throwing Knife 3 +x x
Weighted Throwing Axe 8 +x x
Balanced Throwing Dagger 8 +x x
Keen Throwing Knife 16 +x x
Sharp Throwing Axe 16 +x x
Deadly Throwing Axe 27 +x x
Heavy Throwing Dagger 27 +x x
Gleaming Throwing Axe 40 +x x
Wicked Throwing Dagger 40 +x x
Dusksteel Throwing Knife 52 +x Quest
Flightblade Throwing Axe 60 +x Drop
  • The Dusksteel Throwing Knife is a quest reward from ... at Ravenhold Manor
  • The Flightblade Throwing Axe is dropped from ... in LBRS
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