A type of ranged weapon that usually causes only physical damage and doesn't need ammo to use. Thrown weapons do not have durability.

All Rogues start with the throw ability, and later gain the ability Deadly Throw, which requires a thrown weapon to be equipped. Hunters and Warriors can learn the throw skill from some trainers (see weapon trainers for details), though 'throwing' differs from 'shooting'; hunters in particular, have little use for them given their shooting-weapon oriented skills. By contrast, Warriors and Rogues prefer throwing weapons for itemization simplicity (i.e., a single item, no ammo required), and sparingly use them to pull specific mobs into melee range. Rogues also have a skill that requires a Thrown weapon: Deadly Throw.

Trolls have a Throwing Weapon Specialization (+1 % crit bonus).

Patch history

Although Thrown weapons do not use ammo, there has been different attempts at making thrown weapons "limited" just like how a gun is limited to the number of bullets the player has. Among the ways Throw-weapons have functioned are:

  • Charges: Often, a purchased common-quality weapon would have 200 charges, losing one charge each time the player threw it.
  • Durability: The weapon would use its own durability as "charges", losing one point of durability each time the player threw it. It could thus be "recharged" by repairing it.
  • Invulnerability: Newer weapons (possible all, after a recent patch) have no durability, no charges, and does not suffer any kind of reduction or damage when being used.
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