A threshadon (a.k.a. thresher) is a large, long-necked plesiosaur that can only swim. They are found in the watery areas of Darkshore, Wailing Caverns, Loch Modan, Lake Everstillthe Wetlands, and other areas.

Examples Edit

A threshadon boss, named Nessy, can be found in the underwater section of the Deeprun Tram. Apparently, the treshadon produces ambergris (see Threshadon Related Item section below).

Isha Awak, the Deep Doom, is a green-black threshadon that is feared by people at the Merchant Coast of the Barrens (according to Mahren Skyseer, he has eaten many humans).

In the Blackfathom Deeps, there is a threshadon mini-boss named Old Serra'kis that can be defeated. Also, an elite threshadon prowls the waters of Lake Everstill in Redridge Mountains.

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The Threshadon is similiar to the Plesiosaurs such as the muraenosaurus.

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