• As was discussed and mostly agreed upon in this thread, it makes sense to focus everyone's efforts after the release of Classic WoW on Gamepedia's Wowpedia, that is already the most active and most visible WoW community, and where efforts to make space for the new old information have already begun.

    This thread is to see if the Fandom WoW community is on board with that plan, and if so, to see if there are any questions.

    Do any of you fear Wowpedia is not the place for Classic WoW information? Why not? Are you planning on contributing but don't know how or where to start? Got any other thoughts on this?

    Note: Fandom staff established a dedicated Classic WoW wiki last year on Fandom, but since it has no active community and competes with the other WoW wikis rather than to complement them, it is better to archive that wiki, move the useful content (of there is any), and point its visitors to Wowpedia. I have made a post on the topic in Discussions to give the users there a chance to weigh in.

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