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    Hey WoW Fans!

    I’m looking to liven up Overwatch Wiki a bit -- it’s still fairly small and could use some love.

    As I'm sure most of you know from your launcher ;) Overwatch is a dynamic team FPS/MOBA with a rich cast of heroes.

    And I’m betting there are some people here who love both games.

    If you enjoy both, give us a hand at Overwatch Wiki!

    I’ve made some minor edits that you can improve on, or here’s some ideas for where to start:

    ...or you can look at what’s needed via Insights.

    Love, TOR

    P.S. This is part of an initiative to build some bridges between our related communities, in this case those of Blizzard games aficionados.;) And perhaps show you some corners of the wiki world that you haven’t seen yet. Give it a try, even if it’s just one edit! :) Thanks!

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    • I really hope this request didn't only appear on WoWWiki.

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    • A FANDOM user
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