• Hi guys! First, let me thank you for all the work you've done here. As a newcomer to the Warcraft world, I wouldnt know where to start digging to learn all the lore this universe has grown to have for over 20 years, if it wasn't for this wiki. After few hours of reading, I'm soaked in WC history and still have a long way to go.

    This brings me to the point. As I was reading the many articles trying to get a full picture from the pieces of puzzle, it was sometimes hard to understand what place in time the events take. And since most, if not all the articles are written in the chronological order, this gave me an idea to mark articles' sections with an approximate time span in which the described events took place. This information may then be used to draw an interactive timeline for each article, presenting the events from related articles so that you can immediately see where in the time you are. One way I see it from the UI point of view is, for example as a group of colored lines going all the way through the article from top to bottom, each line representing a related article with it's key time points and the length corresponding to the time span of it's events.

    Does such feature seem interesting to you, guys?

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    • Have you looked at the many timelines articles yet?

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    • Yes I have, and while those articles are a good source of chronological data, it's not quite what I meant. I was thinking rather of graphical illustration of these timelines bound to each article, and representing what events did occur at the same timespan as the events described in an article.

      I'll try to prepare a mockupĀ  to demonstrate what I mean.

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