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Thrallmar is a Horde town found in Hellfire Peninsula ([53, 39]
), Outland. It was founded and now led by Nazgrel, commander of Thrall's security, as an opportunity to gain resources and to have a decent control over what's going on in this demon-infested area. The residents of the town form a faction of its own; reputation is raised by performing quests for them. These quests generally involve killing fel orcs in Hellfire Citadel.

Travel Connections


Horde 15 Falcon Watch
Horde 15 Spinebreaker Post
Horde 15 Stonebreaker Hold
Neutral 15 The Stair of Destiny


Neutral Friendly Honored Revered Exalted Rep Notes
150 Capture 3 Bases
Once every 24 hours only
Instances Trash: 2-5
Bosses: 50 (x3)
Full Clear 633 rep
Heroic ~2,500 rep
Trash: 1
Bosses: 50 (x3)
Full Clear ~750 rep
Heroic ~2,700 rep
Trash: 6-12
Bosses: 120 (x3)
Full Clear ~1,600 rep
Heroic ~2,900 rep

Reputation for Thrallmar up to Honored is relatively easy to earn. Even the easiest quests (those that take you from one quest giver to the next up the road, for example) can yield 75 reputation points, while those that require some effort to complete typically yield 250 reputation points or more. Some group quests that involve killing an elite can yield as much as 1000 reputation points.

If you do the bulk of the Thrallmar quests instead of quickly moving on to the next zone, you might expect to reach Honored after 1 or 2 levels of play. However, once you reach Honored, you hit an earnings barrier that you can only remove when you are level 68 and can start re-earning points in the Shattered Halls dungeon.

Neutral through Friendly

Reputation from mobs in Hellfire Ramparts and Blood Furnace stops at 5999/6000 Friendly, one point shy of Honored. One option is to grind mob rep via Ramparts and Blood Furnace to 5999/6000, before doing any Thrallmar quests outside the instances, as those continue to yield reputation up to exalted.

Also, the lvl 63 mobs outside Hellfire Citadel (on the path) and the Bleeding Hollow Necrolytes at Zeth'gor give you 5 rep each, but not beyond Friendly.

Friendly through Honored

Players who enjoy PvP can gain faction halfway through Honored via the daily quest Hellfire Fortifications. It gives 150 reputation per completion and three Marks of Thrallmar, which can be used to purchase PvP gear from the quartermasters in Thrallmar and near Zabra'jin in Zangarmarsh. To start this quest you need to have done 2 prereq quests however. Also with patch 2.1 this quest can only be done once every 24 hours.

Honored to Revered and Exalted

From this point on, gaining reputation through Exalted requires one of two things:

  • Access to Shattered Halls, one of the wings of Hellfire Citadel, which requires level 68 and a at least one group member to have completed the key quest.
  • Doing Heroic versions of Hellfire Citadel dungeons, which typically require you to be well geared and level 70.

Both of these give reputation until you reach Exalted status. A full clear of Shattered Halls nets you about 1700 reputation points, trash mobs generally yield 6 or 12 each, with up to 150 points from bosses. Heroic trash yields 15-25 points, with bosses worth more.

You can also continue to do the daily quest Hellfire Fortifications for 150 reputation per completion. While at level 70 the quest giver in Thrallmar does not show the yellow exclamation mark and the quest appears gray, you can in fact continue doing it for reputation.

Maximizing Shattered Halls Runs

Using Thrallmar Favor, which are purchased with five Marks of Thrallmar PvP tokens can reduce the number of Shattered Halls runs required. Consuming one right when Grand Warlock Nethekurse is about to die will allow a decent speed group to go through to the end boss with the buff active. Doing this can net 3000 reputation points per run if you kill all of the trash without wiping.

Repeatable Quest

Hellfire Fortifications (Horde) is a daily PvP quest given by Battlecryer Blackeye in Thrallmar:

  • Available at level 58 if you are at least Neutral with Thrallmar. You must complete the Felspark Ravine quest chain until you meet with Commander To'arch. After completing the quest where you meet with To'arch, you may see Battlecryer Blackeye and obtain the Hellfire Fortifications quest.
  • Yields 150 reputation points, repeatable every 24 hours 80Silver, 1650 XP (4950 XP @ 60), and 3x [Mark of Thrallmar] per turn-in.
  • Objective: Capture the Overlook, the Stadium and Broken Hill, three fortifications surrounding Hellfire Citadel.

Reputation grinding

Killing the Shattered Hand fel orcs around the Citadel yields 5 points of reputation per kill until 2999 of 3000 at Neutral status. After that, run the instances (Hellfire Ramparts/Blood Furnace) until 5999/6000 at Friendly status. Repeat Hellfire Fortifications until you are maxed at 6000/12000(576 turn-ins. *See Notes above) (this method is now deprecated due to the new patch) then turn in all the quests you've saved up to this point and complete the newly unlocked quests. All the quests for the Hellfire Peninsula region total about 10k in rep.

  • Hellfire Ramparts: elite mobs reward 5 points, non-elites reward 2 each, bosses each reward 50 points. Stops at 5999 of 6000 at friendly reputation status.
  • Blood Furnace: elite mobs reward 5 points, non-elites just 1, bosses each reward 50 reputation points. Stops at 5999 of 6000 at friendly reputation status.


Thrallmar Rewards
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly [Dried Fruit Rations] 45Silver Consumable
[Grunt's Waterskin] 20Silver Consumable
[Formula: Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing] 6Gold Enchanting (325)
[Design: Enduring Deep Peridot] 6Gold Jewelcrafting (315)
[Pattern: Felstalker Belt] 12Gold Leatherworking (350)
Honored [Flamewrought Key] 10Gold Key
[Recipe: Elixir of Major Agility] 5Gold Alchemy (330)
[Recipe: Transmute Skyfire Diamond] 8Gold Alchemy (350)
[Pattern: Cobrahide Leg Armor] 6Gold Leatherworking (335)
[Arcanum of Fire Warding] 100Gold Enchantment
[Pattern: Felstalker Bracers] 16Gold Leatherworking (360)
[Pattern: Felstalker Breastplate] 16Gold Leatherworking (360)
[Farseer's Band] 11Gold 47Silver Ring
[Grunt's Waraxe] 34Gold 73Silver One-Hand Axe
[Crusader's Ornamented Spaulders] 22Gold 60Silver 2 Copper Plate
[Crusader's Scaled Gauntlets] 15Gold 99Silver 1Copper Plate
[Dragonhide Robe] 21Gold 8Silver 56Copper Leather
[Dreadweave Robe] 17Gold 64Silver 97Copper Cloth
[Evoker's Silk Amice] 13Gold 77Silver 4Copper Cloth
[Kodohide Spaulders] 16Gold 5Silver 67Copper Leather
[Mooncloth Vestments] 17Gold 97Silver 17Copper Cloth
[Opportunist's Leather Gloves] 10Gold 78Silver 58Copper Leather
[Satin Hood] 13Gold 57Silver 64Copper Cloth
[Savage Plate Helm] 23Gold 46Silver 46Copper Plate
[Seer's Linked Helm] 19Gold 19Silver 28Copper Mail
[Seer's Mail Armor] 25Gold 88Silver 8Copper Mail
[Seer's Ringmail Gloves] 13Gold 23Silver 20Copper Mail
[Stalker's Chain Gauntlets] 13Gold 82Silver 58Copper Mail
[Wyrmhide Gloves] 10Gold 98Silver 71Copper Leather
Revered [Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats] 6Gold Enchanting (345)
[Pattern: Netherscale Ammo Pouch] 16Gold
[Arcanum of Renewal] 100Gold Enchantment
[Hellfire Shot] 50Silver Bullet
[Ancestral Band] 17Gold 59Silver Ring
[Blackened Spear] 55Gold 70Silver Two-Hand Polearm
[Design: Dawnstone Crab] 12Gold Jewelcrafting (370)
Exalted [Plans: Felsteel Shield Spike] 6Gold Blacksmithing (370)
[Pattern: Nethercobra Leg Armor] 12Gold Leatherworking (365)
[Formula: Enchant Cloak - Subtlety] 2Gold 50Silver Enchanting (300)
[Thrallmar Tabard] 1Gold Tabard
[Marksman's Bow] 159Gold 99Silver Bow
[Stormcaller] 215Gold 60Silver Main Hand Sword
[Warbringer] 207Gold 99Silver One-Hand Axe

See List of Hellfire Peninsula NPCs.

Locations and NPCs

Thrallmar Inn

The Thrallmar Inn features a mailbox outside; and a handful of vendors and profession trainers:

Town Square

  • IconSmall Tauren Male Horde 15 Barley <Wind Rider Master>, on the left side of the inn
  • IconSmall Tauren Male Horde 15 Barim Spilthoof <Master Leatherworking Trainer>, Right outside the inn in a tent – sells Leatherworking supplies
  • IconSmall Tauren Male Horde 15 Moorutu <Skinning Trainer>, Right outside the inn in a tent
  • IconSmall Orc Female Horde 15 Battlecryer Blackeye Hellfire Peninsula PvP quest giver and PvP Rewards Vendor
  • IconSmall Goblin Male Horde 15 Megzeg Nukklebust <Mercenary>, quest giver, in the middle of the town
  • IconSmall Goblin Male Horde 15 Zebig <Master Engineering Trainer>, somewhat in the middle of the town – sells engineering supplies
  • IconSmall Tauren Female Horde 15 Far Seer Regulkut <Eyes of the Warchief>, stands near the Tauren totem
  • IconSmall Orc Male Horde 15 General Krakork, near the flight master, patrols in front of the line of grunts, purpose unknown
  • IconSmall BloodElf2 Male Horde 15 Martik Tor'seldori, in the middle of the town, seems to be leading the group of 6 Blood Elf pilgrims bound for Falcon Watch
  • IconSmall Orc Male Horde 15 Watch Commander Krunk , in the middle of the town, patrols in front of the catapults that the peons work on
  • IconSmall Orc Male Horde 15 Guard Captain Cragtar, in the middle of the town by the bonfire watching over the 4 injured grunts

Thrallmar Stronghold



  • IconSmall Orc Male Horde 15 Rohok <Master Blacksmithing Trainer>, Repairs equipment and sells Blacksmithing supplies

Alchemy Tower

Thrallmar Mine

Outside the wall

In the town, there are 70 Thrallmar Grunts, Marksmen and Bat Rider Guards protecting the town. There are also 12 Thrallmar Peons doing various tasks such as working at the blacksmith, repairing wagons and catapults or shifting through supplies.

Flight Paths

Thrallmar's flight paths connect to:

It should be noted that you have this flight path by default. You do not need to talk to the Flight Master to obtain it.


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