Thottbot is an addon which saves data from the game, like monster drops, weapon stats, monster spawn locations and character profile data. The collected data is later uploaded to the website of the same name,, either automatically by application or manually by web. The uploaded data available on the site is used for many applications such as finding NPCs that you need to complete a certain quest, items that you might have to retrieve, or even the drop rate of items from different monsters.

In-Game Usage

Toggles x,y coordinates under minimap.
Toggles AddOn garbage collection info under minimap.
Display size of collected Thottbot data.
Collect Thottbot profile.
Display current Thottbot settings.
Reset Thottbot data collection.
Display Thottbot version.

External links


Two official distribution locations.

  • Thottbot - Thottbot website using Cosmos.exe application.
  • Cosmos - Cosmos UI website using Cosmos application or ThottbotOnly zip.

Features of the website

  • Portal – links to various parts and top-level search of database.
  • News – collects forum posts related to WoW and Thottbot from various sources.

Plugins and search modules


Thottbot is owned by Affinity Media.

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