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The Thornspeakers are a group of human druids located in Drustvar, on Kul Tiras. It was originally an order of Drust druids, druidism being the old ways of the Drust before the days of Gorak Tul, whose ways have brought disgrace upon the Drust.[1] They are led by Ulfar, the High Thornspeaker and last of the Drust druids.

The Thornspeakers are not so different from other druids. They are guardians of balance, keepers of the cycle. Life is a part of nature, as is death.[2] Most people seem to be wary of them.[3] They have few relics remaining, some of which are runes carved on wooden plaques.[4] The Thornspeakers cannot throw away their lives, for as long as the trees stand so must they.[5] They know how to disrupt the magic in the core of Drust constructs.[6]

The wolf Greenstalker was an ally of the Thornspeakers.[7]


Originally, the Thornspeakers were a Drust organization. Druidism was the old ways of the Drust, from before the time of Gorak Tul.[1] But not all of the Drust agreed to wage war against the human settlers thousands of years ago, prompting the Thornspeakers to leave the Drust and join Kul Tiran society. Some of the humans' descendants heard the call of the wilds and sought to learn the ancient ways, which the Thornspeakers taught them. Now Ulfar is the only Drust Thornspeaker left.[2]


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The Thornspeakers sensed the activation of ancient powers in Gol Koval and moved to fight it.[8]

When Katherine Proudmoore sought to save her daughter Jaina from Thros and the grip of Gorak Tul, Lucille Waycrest directed an adventurer to Ulfar and the Thornspeakers. Ulfar at first did not want to aid them for he felt the door to the Blighted Lands should remain closed, but an attack from Gorak Tul made Ulfar realize that Thros was already open and its denizens no longer confined to their own realm.[1]





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  • In addition to their Drust origins, the Kul Tiran druids likely also had some influence from the Gilnean harvest-witches since Kul Tiras was originally founded by Gilnean sailors.
  • Athair, the "Heart of the Forest" who is heavily implied to be a Wild God and swore to protect the people of Drustvar after being saved by Arom Waycrest, may be related to the Thornspeakers as well. Athainne, a doe who sometimes can be found with Athair, can at other times be found with Ulfar and his Thornspeaker students, giving Athair an indirect connection at the least.


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