Thomas Miller is a wandering level 15 bread vendor located in the Trade District in the human city of Stormwind.

Thomas is related to Mike Miller who is also a baker.

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  • Combat
    • Thomas Miller says: GET A ROPE!
  • Quest
    • Thomas Miller says: I've heard of mice trapped in ale bottles before, but never in bread. P-p-please take everything and don't speak of this to anyone.
    • Thomas Miller says: Oh my... someone became ill from my bread? How can this be? Please, I hope my meager earnings are enough to help out.
  • Selling
    • Thomas Miller says: Fresh bread for sale!
    • Thomas Miller says: Warm, wholesome bread!
    • Thomas Miller says: Freshly baked bread for sale!
    • Thomas Miller says: Rolls, buns and bread. Baked fresh!
  • Death Knight arrival
    • Thomas Miller says: My family was wiped out by the Scourge! MONSTER!

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  • There is also a Thomas Miller who wanders the main road of Darkmoon Island, who may be the same person, but not as a baker, just a faire-goer.

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