Theocritus is a level 24 quest giver located in the Tower of Azora in the human starting zone of Elwynn Forest.

Theocritus is a mage of some power -- one of the many of those educated by the Kirin Tor left independent by the inaccessibility of Dalaran. He resides in the Tower of Azora, in eastern Elwynn Forest. He is a particularly eccentric mage, keeping a coterie of attendants, ranging from legions of gnomish servants to his own personal clothier, Morley Eberlein. He is known for his interest in enchanting, and those seeking to learn more of the art often visit his tower to speak with its residents.

He is not particularly involved in the day-to-day affairs of the rest of humanity, but he still considers it his duty to battle against the dark mage Morganth of Redridge, both as a personal enemy and as a threat to the Kingdom of Stormwind. Theocritus spent months of research to find a way to communicate with the Shadowhide gnolls, the servants of Morganth, through their pendants. He wants to learn how to send an attack through the pendants, to immobilize any Shadowhide gnolls who wear them. Theocritus has also developed a means of spying on his rival, the Eye of Azora, and can now view him from afar, though his final purpose is to study Morganth's thoughts.

He starts the following quests:

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